Brookfield Fire Department
Emergency Services


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There is a list of fees at the bottom of this page. See the
Fire Deptarment website for detailed information on inspections and permits. At the site, click on the button in the left column labeled "Prevention"

Emergencies: 911

Station non-emergency phone:
(508) 867-7306


4 Central Street
P.O. Box 122
Brookfield, MA 01506

Fire Chief:
Peter Martell
Assistant Fire Chief:
Herbert Chaffee

Radio Frequencies
33.620 MHz - Fire
155.310 MHz - Police & EMS

Visit the Fire Department Web Site for photos, a history of the 150+ year-old department, and lots of information:

Brookfield Fire Department Inspection & Permit Fees:

Smoke Detector: $20
Oil Burner/Oil Tank
(per permit): $20

Liquid Propane Storage: $20
Black Powder: $20
Blasting: $20
Underground Tank Removal: $50
Tanker Truck: $20


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Emergency Management:
Keith Karrman, Director
Peter Martel, Deputy Director

Emergency Medical Squad:
EMS Chief: Donna LaFleur
Peter Martel, Captain
Matthew Graves, Lt.

Terry Anderson, EMT
Scott Baldaracchi, EMT
Linda Burns, EMT
Richard Phillps, EMT
Dan Driscoll, Paramedic
Robert Connor, Paramedic
John Glennon, Paramedic
Richard Johnson, Paramedic
David Martell, Paramedic
Matthew Roderick, EMT
Michael Steuer, EMT
Vontailin Roasario, EMT
Josh Roy, EMT
Tammy Gadbois, EMT
Ashley Marks, EMT
Sarah MacDougall, EMT


January 15-April 30, permits for the outdoor burning of brush and forestry debris are available. With this permit, you can only burn brush (less than 4” in diameter) and forestry debris. The burning of leaves, tires, trash, stumps or building materials is prohibited and may result in the suspension of burning for the rest of the season or even fines.

Burning is only allowed between the hours of 10am and 4pm. These regulations are set by the state and are not subject to local control.
(310 CMR 7.07)

To obtain a permit log onto

If you do not have Internet access, call the dispatch office (508-867-1066) between the hours of 7:30am and 12 Noon on the day you want to burn. The dispatcher will take the information and issue you a permit number.

Do not call 9-1-1, the fire station, or the regular dispatch number. You do not need to go to the fire station.

Each permit is only good for one day, as burning may be suspended from time to time due to weather, holidays, or Fire Department concerns. Permits will not be available on Easter Sunday.

You must have adequate means to put the fire out (sufficient help, shovels, and water) and the fire can be no closer than
75 feet from any structure. Local or State Fire officials may stop by to inspect the fire and make sure you have obtained a permit.

We ask that everyone exercise common sense when burning brush and treat fire with the respect it requires, minimizing the potential for injury and property damage.
Thank you from your
Brookfield Fire Department.