Brookfield Council on Aging

Council Members:
Jean Gagne (2016)
Lucy Beeman (2017)
Brenda Lague-Turner (2017)
Barbara Clancy (2015)
Frederica LaMonda (2015)
George LeBlanc (2016)
Maura Canty (2016)

Senior Meetins: Next TBA.
Downstairs at the Brookfield Congregational Church, on the Common. 11:30 am. Bring your own lunch. We supply beverage and dessert. Prizes too! If you need a ride, call 508-867-6498.

Foot Care Clinic:
Held on the last Tuesday of every other month, 11 a.m. in Town Hall. For assistance with rides, call Barbara Clancy, Council on Aging Chairman, at 508-867-6043.

Tai–Chi Classes:
Held from 8:30-9:30 a.m. every Tuesday at the Town Hall. A donation is accepted for this activity.

Rides to Medical Appointments:
Rides are available in co-operation with the West Brookfield Senior Center. For information, call 508 867-1407.

Tri Valley, Inc. arranges for many services that are no-cost or provided based on one's ability to pay. This is a regional social service agency helping people over 60 and younger people with disabilities, providing Meals on Wheels, in-home services and special assistance and companionship where needed. Contact Tri-Valley toll free at 1-800-286-6640 for information or referrals for clients, as well as assistance for caregivers. Or visit the Tri-Valley website at


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Brookfield Resident Medical Emergency List

The Brookfield Council on Aging and the Brookfield Emergency Squad are asking for your help so they can better help you.   We realize that many of our residents rely on medical devices that are electrically powered – breathing, testing, and even medications that need refrigeration.  The recent power failures showed that people need a plan to fall back on in cases like that – generators, reliance on relatives and/or neighbors.  

What we would like to have is a list of people that have such needs so that we can keep those people in mind.  This won’t mean that you shouldn’t have a plan; you should.  The recent events – tornadoes, tropical storm, the ice storm of a few years back, even an earthquake – really reinforce the need for people to plan.  

You don’t need to prepare for everything but you should be ready for something!  

If you or a family member wish to be on this emergency list,
you may call either Barbara Clancy at 508-867-6043
or the Ambulance office at 508-867-6036.  

You will need to give the following information:
Phone Number
Street Address      
Power-dependent medical need
Names/numbers of other Brookfield contacts
Names/numbers of out of town contacts

Thank you,
Barbara Clancy, Chairman of the Council on Aging
Donna Lafleur, EMS Chief